XLS Medical : Fat Binder

XLS Medical : Fat Binder
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Xls Medical

XLS Medical Fat Binder 

Binds fat, increases satiety and cholesterol velaagt 


XLS Medical is an effective weight management program in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise 
XLS Medical can therefore help you to lose more weight than by eating better and exercise more. 

XLS Medical Fat Binder is a certified medical device for weight, based on a unique patented fiber complex (Litramine), consisting of more dehydrated cactus leaves. 
The product is enriched with essential fat soluble vitamins A, D and E to the reduced availability of these vitamins to compensate the reduced fat absorption. 
It is clinically proven Fat Binder Medical XLS to 27.4% fat in food can bind. Besides trapping fat, this product will also increase satiety and reduce cholesterol. Moreover there are no known side effects. 

You like to eat outdoors (in a restaurant with friends, etc.) where it is more difficult to reduce the amount of fat per meal under control. 
You want a sauce with your main course. 
You know you're high-fat diet have a negative effect on your weight. 
You want to reduce fat intake while in moderation continue to enjoy what you enjoy eating. 

Instructions: Take 1-3 tablets after food with a liquid. 

Presentation: 60 tablets

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